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I'm Lucas.

Originally from sunny Southern California, I lived in San Francisco for a while before moving to Berlin, Germany in 2014.

I've been working in the tech industry for more than a decade, first in customer support and operations, and then as a developer and dev team lead. I consider myself a generalist, interested in creating useful, meaningful products in a people-friendly way. I like trying to see the big picture and figuring out the best way to get there: simply, easily, and creatively.

As a manager and team lead I believe that happy, fulfilled people do the best work. I'm interested in building sustainable and empathetic systems to make this happen. I've set up design systems, mentored interns and junior developers, built systems for feedback and career/personal advancement, and documented all of this to make it useful not just now but in the future.

In my free time I'm interested in creative coding, pen plotting, Twitter bots, generative art, dogspotting, weightlifting, basketball, hip-hop, and roller coasters.

🏢 Partial CV

  • 🤖 relayr GmbH
    2017 - 2021, Berlin
    Frontend Developer / Team Lead
  • 📊 Valsight GmbH
    2016 - 2017, Berlin
    Frontend Developer
  • 🏠 room.me
    2015, Berlin
    Ruby/Javascript Developer
  • 🕸️ BitTorrent Inc.
    2013 - 2014, San Francisco
    Customer Support Support Manager
  • ☮️ craigslist Inc.
    2010 - 2013, San Francisco
    Operations Department

Links + Contact 📮

lucasquinnmathis@gmail.com for e-mail, @lilkraftwerk on Github, @nah_solo on Twitter.

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