On Killing Robots
Sleep now, my friends
Berlin Club Simulator
Are you a bad enough dude to get into The Club?
Twitter Bot 2021 Follow-Up
Checking in on our robot friends
From Developer To Team Lead
Or, 'Prescient Kiwis'
Gaucho Reloaded
My first game jam
On Engineering Empathy
Computers are the easy part
Dunkaccino But Emojis
It's a whole new game
Teaching robots to draw
On Not Needing Things Immediately
Or "thinkin' async"
One Way Twitter
Post without reading
it's more fun to compute
Natural Impasse
aka I kinda worked on a music video
Over 25,000 served
Convert gifs and images into 100% emojis.
I'll go with 'Twitter Bots' for $400, Alex
Every single bird
Generative Garfield glitch art posted to Twitter until the end of time"
Rap Haiku Bot
five seven five
The Dog-U-Lator
it's a lifestyle
Twitter Bots
Better Tweeting Through Automation
Dev Bootcamp in the New York Times
Front page!
Emoji Code
Emojis, emojis, I only send emojis
Hello World