Berlin Club Simulator
2021 - Berlin Club Sim longplay on youtube

A 3D adventure about getting into The Club. Are you a bad enough dude?


Emoji Life Simulation
2021 - emoji life sim on github

The front page of this very website

2021 - threepio on github

My personal digital assistant Telegram bot

Gaucho Reloaded
2021 - Gaucho Reloaded on

Computer game made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare #48 Game Jam.


2021 - cutemute on github

NodeJS app to change the color of a lightbulb depending on your Zoom mute status.

2020 - lineboi3000 on github

Electron app to draw stuff and print it via a hardware pen plotter


One-Way Twitter
2018 - one-way twitter on github

Telegram bot that lets me post to Twitter without reading Twitter


2017 - @__compy

Old-school computer friend and Twitter bot. Over 60k served.

✍️ ✍️

2015 - @_everybird_

Twitter bot posting every bird known to humanity. Will finish in 2019. Followed by several popular DJs.

✍️ ✍️

2015 -

Ruby program to convert images and gifs into 100% pure emojis.


2015 - @pharmaduke3000

Twitter bot marrying Marmaduke comics with Erowid trip reports.


Trebek Bot
2015 - @trebek3000

Real clues the last 30 years of Jeopardy, straight to your Twitter feed.


2015 - @garfield_zone

Generative Garfield glitch art, every hour on the hour until the heat death of the sun.


Everything To Pokémon
2015 - everything to pokémon

Chrome extension to change every word in your web browser into a Pokémon's name.